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Discover the beautiful nature of Munkedal!


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Kviströms Naturreservat med brudslöjan

Distance from Munkedals Herrgård: 3 kms

Kviström's nature reserve is located on the eastern side of the Örekilsälven valley next to Munkedal's community and consists of Klevaberget's escarpment to the west.
From the highest parts, a magnificent view of the valley is offered.
The mountain's highest point reaches 104 meters above sea level.
Klevabäcken plunges down the mountainside in a beautiful waterfall.

Malta's Path

​Distance from Munkedals Herrgård: 5 kms

Maltes Stig is a scenic walking path around Rödberget by Saltkällan, just south of Munkedal's urban area.

The starting point for hiking on the path is the parking lot, which is located opposite the market place at Saltkällan. The path is approximately 4.5 km long and is easy to walk and disabled-friendly.

Malte's path is also part of the Coastal Path.

Trebeneberget – Torreby

Distance from Munkedals Herrgård: 10 kms

The trail over Trebeneberget near Torreby is 7 km long, starts at the golf course parking lot and goes west towards the Färlevsfjorden. It takes you through an agricultural landscape up on Trebeneberget with a view of the Färlevsfjorden and through a forest landscape. The trail is marked in blue on the map below.

Flaggberget at Torreby, there is a trail that is 2.5 kilometers long and is just north of and adjacent to the golf course.
The trail starts and ends at the golf course parking lot, goes east and turns up north in the forest at the height of the corp de logi.

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