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A scenic gem, only 15 km from Munkedals Herrgård


With us, you can explore hand-picked donut stands during your stay. One of these is Harkerud, a scenic gem located 15 km from Munkedal's Manor.

On arrival at Harkerud you are greeted by a magnificent, relaxing and enjoyable environment. Experience a lush forest and a quiet lake that invites you to take a relaxing bath and sauna.

Here, the laws of nature apply, and Harkerud gives you the opportunity to experience life in a simple and genuine way.

We also offer a beautiful timbered cabin with space for up to 16 people and a sauna to end the day in the best way.


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When you arrive in Harkerud, you are greeted by an impressive and calming environment that awakens all your senses.

Here you get the chance to experience nature in a unique way, perfect for different meetings, yoga exercises or to celebrate special occasions in a different way.

The laws of nature apply here, and Harkerud gives you the opportunity to reconnect with the simple and genuine life.

We offer complete packages with cooking and beverage service, so you can enjoy your stay without worries. Regardless of whether you are conference guests, wedding guests or private individuals who want to celebrate something special, Harkerud is a place for unique and memorable experiences.

An example of a package at Harkerud might include:

  • Sauna and bath: Relax in the sauna and take a refreshing dip in the quiet lake.

  • 3-course dinner with open fire: Enjoy a delicious dinner prepared by our skilled chefs, served by a cozy open fire.

  • Overnight at the Manor: After a day filled with activities, retire to a comfortable overnight stay at our manor.

  • Breakfast buffet: Wake up to a rich breakfast buffet that gives you the best start to the day.

Vi skräddarsyr din upplevelse på Harkerud!

Book transport for up to 8 people and let us take care of the rest! Enjoy a relaxing and unforgettable day at Harkerud!


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