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Experience Inner Peace

Fish, golf or hiking

Welcome to a place where you can unwind and enjoy life to the fullest. Experience the tranquility of our beautiful fishing waters, regardless of your experience you can enjoy a relaxing moment with a rod in hand. Hike through Bohuslän's fantastic landscape, our scenic trails take you through forests, along the coast and over mountains. Golf lovers can enjoy a fantastic golf course overlooking the beautiful countryside.

Come and experience all we have to offer - a perfect mix of relaxation and adventure awaits you!






The Red Villa


Fishing adventure

At Munkedal's Herrgård you live beautifully in a historic environment. Fishing on your own for perch, pike and zander in beautiful Lake Viksjön. The lake is known for its fine stock of mainly zander, but there are also large pike and perch in the lake. Most fishing spots require a boat, but it is also possible to fish from land.

In this package you fish on your own but with tips on good fishing spots!

Most fishing spots require a boat, but it is also possible to fish from land. Perch, pike and zander fishing in Viksjön. (March - October)

Explore our current accommodation packages and create unforgettable moments! At Munkedals Herrgård, we offer a relaxing and scenic environment where you can relax

Hiking package

BOHUSLEDEN Stages 15 & 16 are big favorites for our guests!

You check in with us between 15:00 – 18:00 and then we will meet you at our reception where we will tell you all the important information. We can offer you many beautiful premises where you can sit and enjoy coffee, which is available around the clock. In the evening we serve a 2-course dinner in our unique restaurant.

Day 2 begins with a breakfast buffet, where you then have the opportunity to pick what you want to take with you on the trip! It is also possible to borrow thermoses, a backpack or a simple rain poncho. You will also receive a map with a detailed description of the Bohusleden. You check out no later than 10 but you can of course leave your car in our car park without any extra costs.

Golf package

Unrolled in the Bohuslän cultural landscape between mountains, water and old oaks lies the beautiful Holma Stågenäs Golf - a short drive from Munkedal's Herrgård.

An unbeatable combination of golf and accommodation at Herrgården. After a round on the golf course, another experience awaits with us! We want to invite you to a culinary meal in a calm and relaxing environment to celebrate today's successes.

Munkedals Herrgård, with a good location in connection with many golf courses, means that you as guests can combine games at different places such as e.g. Mjölkeröds GK, Dagsholm GK or Torreby GK.

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