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Välkommen till Munkedals Herrgård - där historisk charm möter modern komfort. Upptäck en oas av lugn och ro i hjärtat av naturen. Vårt anrika herrgårdshotell erbjuder en unik atmosfär där varje rum är omsorgsfullt inrett för att ge dig en oförglömlig vistelse. Utforska våra vackra omgivningar, njut av utsökt mat i vår restaurang och låt dig skämmas bort av vår uppmärksamma personal som alltid står redo att göra din vistelse till en minnesvärd upplevelse. Oavsett om du söker en romantisk weekend, en plats för fest eller en inspirerande konferens, hittar du ditt drömboende här hos oss.




Discover our exclusive golf packages at Holma Stågenäs Golf – the perfect destination for golf enthusiasts. Our beautifully situated 18-hole course, just a short drive from Munkedals Herrgård, offers a challenging and scenic playing experience for both beginners and experienced golfers.

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Munkedal is a destination that offers something for everyone. Explore the great outdoors along our many hiking trails that wind through green oases and abundant wildlife. Take family or friends on a paddling trip through forests and between mountains, and enjoy camping under the starry sky. Strap on your bike helmet and discover the area's many attractions on two wheels. Buy a fishing license and try your luck in our fishing waters. No matter which activity you choose, adventure and relaxation await in Munkedal's scenic surroundings.


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Magically beautiful

Rent the entire mansion and create intimate, tailor-made memories in a perfect setting. With surrounding gardens and a romantic atmosphere, your day will be a fairytale to remember. Our dedicated team is here to make your vision a reality. Choose Munkedal's Manor and let us create magic together on your special day


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The history of Munkedal and Munkedal Manor stretches back to 1234, when the Norwegian king Håkon Håkonsson had a monastery built in Dragsmark. The monks from the monastery sailed into Munkedal to fish for salmon and this may be the origin of the place's name. In the 16th century, there were already mills and sawmills by the river near the Manor. During the 19th century, Niklas Herman Nordberg bought the property and developed industry such as sawmills and paper mills. Today, the Manor is owned by the heirs of the Shipowner and is run by Munkedal Skog as a hotel, conference and restaurant.



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In our historic Manor restaurant, you can relax and enjoy our carefully prepared dishes without stress. Hunting is a central part of our philosophy. By working with fresh venison from the local area, we at Munkedals Herrgård can put our own stamp on the cooking. Some of our specialties, such as moose and venison sausages and moose meat buns, are made completely from scratch. We also work with seasonal ingredients and offer tasty vegetarian dishes to satisfy all our guests' taste buds.


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