In our prestigious restaurant you get the opportunity to relax and enjoy the dishes we serve without any stress.
The hunt for us is very important. Being able to work with fresh meat / game that is hunted in the immediate area means that we at Munkedals Manor can make our own mark on the cooking. Moose- and deer-sausage and moose meatballs are some of the dishes we make from start to finish.

In our fine kitchen and with our very talented, experienced and educated staff, we store food with fresh ingredients by season and use local produce and produce dishes that you guests should remember.

At Munkedal’s Manor we organize memorial moments. We focus on your guests so that you will have a pleasant experience and that during a soothing gathering you will be able to disperse your thoughts for a while. All orders include showing with linen cloths, candles and flowers, as well as light drinks, coffee and the manor’s dessert.

Should you celebrate something special?

Let’s make your event really successful!

Here you can gather for family gatherings or for one dinner with the company.

From our party menu there are many different options, from delicious buffets to 3-course dinners of the highest class.

Please call and talk food and ideas with our chef Pelle! Welcome with your booking request!